To train and prepare children to be leaders of the future through a sound academic teaching based on Christ. To Train leaders that when they take any decision, chose based on the Christian character; before a profession, wisdom; before being outstanding, to serve others before oneself.  All this as a standard in our life.


To bring a academic excellence based on Bible principles.

To prepare and form men and women of integrity.


“Nothing brings me greater happiness tan to hear that my children are obeying the truth”

III John: 4


PCA uses for grades 1st to 6th A Beka Book Christian teaching curriculum. A Beka Books comes from the Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FLorida, USA., and its purpose is to teach through a daily basis lesson interrelated one subject to the other, where the teacher is the motor and guide of the teaching. Also, is a advanced and standardized curriculum providing academic excellence in subjects such as Bible, Arithmetic, Science, Language, Spanish and Arts.

Additionally, we have added to our curriculum Chinese- Mandarin; as well as Computer, P.E. and Music. To higher grades, Dance and Drama. On a weekly basis there is Chapel.

To high school we are using BJU curriculum (Bob Jones University Press), which develops critical thinking in our students. In which analyze and process every knowledge through Bible integration on a daily living. Its scientific methodology unifies education where each student can focus concepts without the need of memorization.

If you want to know more of A Beka Book and BJU you can access through their web page www.abeka.com and www.bjupress.com respectively.


PCA will provide a Parents´ Handbook for our code of discipline, which is attached to the "Communication Notebook". Here you will find all procedures regarding discipline and correction.


During all school year, the Academy will offer field trips, presentations, sport activities and extra curricular activities. 

Amongst our extracurricular activities are: Orchestra, Sports, Folkloric dancers. Also, every Friday there is the "Child Happy Hour" for students from 6 to 10 and Bible Club for students ages 11 to 17.


Our teacher staff is composed by highly trained personnel. They periodically meet to evaluate and plan so they can make important decisions concerning to improve themselves. We do our best to provide every three months training to keep updated our personnel in teaching techniques

As a Christian school, we are careful to select our personnel. Every teacher should be Christian and committed to their local church.

Also, John and Naomi Hall, retired teachers from Yukon, Canada, with ample academic experience come every year to train and advise our teachers and starff.


  1. Three languages teaching (English, Spanish and Chinese-Mandarin)
  2. Teaching of Christian values based on the Bible
  3. Computer classes, starting K4
  4. Trained, active, dynamic, motivated teachers that are involved in every student
  5. Personalized teaching, a maximum of 25 student per class
  6. A/C in every room
  7. A Beka and BJU curriculum


Preschool – Boys: short gray pants. Girls: Culottes in a square design in blue, gray and white. Both: pale yellow T shirt with logo; black shoes and white socks.

Elementary school – Boys: 1st grade – short gray pants. 2nd to 6th grade – long gray pants, black belts. Girls: 1st to 3rd grade culottes in a square design in blue, gray and white. 4th to 6th skirt with square design in gray, blue and white. Both: gray T shirt with logo; black shoes and white socks.

High school: Boys: long gray pants and black belts. Girls: skirt with square design in gray, blue and white. Both: white T shirt and black shoes and white socks.


All uniforms and books can be purchased at Books De Light bookstore. Located in Sun Tower Mall, 1st floor, Ricardo J. Alfaro Ave. Telephone 236-9304. Books listings will be available every year at the bookstore mid February.


Preschool will have 2 shifts: Day and Afternoon. Their schedule is the following:

8:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.

11:50 a.m. – 3: 30 p.m.

Elementary and High school will have this schedule

8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.








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